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There Is More Beneath the Surface.

Everything and everyone has a story. Poseidon Films sets to reveal the deeper meaning and origins of these stories. 

Narrative filmmaking is at the core of Poseidon Films origin story. There currently is a hole in the industry where spirit, truth, reality and magic once lived. It is our mission to bring emotionality and honesty back to film, evoking a visceral reaction from audiences once again.

We tell stories for all brand types and businesses, with a specialty in the travel, lifestyle and hospitality sectors. Alongside, we are creating thriller, suspense, crime, drama, spiritual and fantastical narrative films and documentaries.

Products we can create:

-Product videos
-Instructional videos
-Business profiles
-Highlight reels and trailers
-Documenting footage
-Short/Feature Films, Cinematography
-Voice overs and audio recordings
-Virtual tours
-Event coverage
-Drone footage



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